Golly gosh! She’s blogging again!

It’s been nearly a year since I last blogged… Phew! It was about time! Life just got in the way: illness, work, children. It didn’t stop me from doing a bit of sewing here and there but nothing major and I guess my creative me went to sleep for a while!

I bought lots of new fabrics and I’m looking forward to making new projects and share them with you! 2014 will be artistically productive (I hope)!

I also get many comments and emails of support, questions, corrections and I’m always so happy to see my inbox letting me know I got mail from my fellow sewers! So keep them coming!

I wanted to share with you a little tutorial that I made with my 8year old. Yes my eight year old! He’s the one who came up with the idea, chose the colours, took pictures, ironed and sew a little bit. I couldn’t say no to that!

So if your child is into “Minecraft” then you’re in for a treat! Matteo made a Creeper cushion!

Here is what you will need:

Different shades of green (we found out that the less pattern, the better) fabrics, white fabric, black fabric, your usual sewing attire and a very keen little boy!

We planned our Creeper on that image:

You will need 64 squares but for the black parts of the creeper we used rectangles.

Here is what Matteo did to explain what we cut:

these are rectangles, and the width is 2″ 1/2 .

Once all the squares and rectangles are cut make your pattern:

you’ll notice that along the way we changed a few greens as we didn’t like the flowery fabric.

We sewed the first two row in that manner:

So that we could chain sew them and gain time and thread.

Don’t forget to press with iron as you go along!

If using the black rectangles, sew this block first then add the top and join sides.

But you could use a simpler way and sew row by row.

Et voila! You have your top Creeper cushion done!

on to the back cushion!

Now you need to cut:

(I would say 16″1/2 just to give you enough margin for error)

Make a hem by ironing 1/4th of one long side of the rectangle:

Fold again on itself and iron:

Then sew as close as you can to the edge of the hem:

Repeat for the second rectangle.

Lay the top creeper cushion right face up and add one back rectangle on top of it right face down:

Lay the second rectangle on top, right face down:

Pin all around:

Sew ¼ of an inch from the edge, reversing on the part where the two rectangles meet to make it more secure and clip corners:

You can now reverse your cushion:

Insist on the corners:

Et voila!! A very happy boy !

I have to take my hat off to Matteo who did not give up all day! (yes it took us that long!) this week end my youngest asked to make an Enderman cushion! Look out for a new tutorial soon!

Happy Creeper sewing!

Comissioned quilt

I’ve been enjoying making this baby quilt for one of my colleague :

I bought some boy fabrics online. i just love the colours and the different designs! So Bright!

It’s a great present for new borns or for birthdays. So, this is the kind of things I can do for you if you want to offer a quilt or even get one for yourself! I have a new comission to make a bed cover for my colleague, cannot wait to get started!


How to join tow blocks together

Do you remember my sampler quilt I was making with my friends for the Birmingham show? that one:

It’s now time to sew them together and I thought I would show you how to do it! Why not have done it before you would ask me! well if you want to do free motion quilting it’s easier to do it on a small squares. So here is how you do it:

Start by folding the back fabric and the wadding on the side you want to sew them together and pin it:

Do it for the other square too:

pin the squares right sides together:

sew a quarter of inch from the edge:

press open, lay your tow sewn squares right side facing down. Put a ruler on the pressed seam (you’ll see why later, I haven’t done it in the picture but it’s best if you do) and unfold the wadding:

and unfold the other side on top of the other wadding piece you’ve just unfolded:

Next, cut through the two layers of wadding right in the middle make sure not to cut the top quilt but if you’re using the ruler it shouldn’t happen.

Using a herring stitch, sew the two pieces of wadding together:

then, unfold one piece of back fabric:

fold to make a hem on the other side and lay it on top of the other unfolded side:

Press with an iron:

Using a slip stitch, sew the backing together:

This is what the backing should lookd like:

Et voila! you are done!

I’ll see you soon for more fabric frenzies and quilt making!


Triangle quilt tutorial!

Hey! I’m back after a long break, but you know what it’s like! life gets in the way… So soon to be the holidays, although it doesn’t really feels like it with that weather.

So I thought I’d come back with a triangle tutorial. My eldest chose a long time ago some really cool fabrics and wanted another quilt (greedy) (really I know how he feels!).

Cool fabrics he!?

So here it is!you will need:

8 fat quarters, a triangle template, back fabric, wadding and the usual sewing paraphernalia.

Start by cutting all your fabrics in triangle (you could use a special ruler for that but I didn’t have one so used a template which took a lot longer than if I had a triangle ruler but hey…)

Then place them on your floor in the position you want, I tried to have some patterned fabrics mixed with plain fabrics to relax the eyes a bit, usually I like a lot of white in my quilts so it’s all new to me!

Once you’re happy, start sewing the sides of the triangle together one by one:

So here I have to triangles sewn together the half cassette one to the black one, I know add the turquoise triangle to the pac man fabrics. it makes a line.

Press with an iron all the seams to one side.

now pin your rows together:

Start sewingbut make sure you sew just on the tip of the point not under:

then repeat on all the rows. press open and you are done! I added the rest of the fabrics I had as I don;t like wasting fabrics:

so there you go nice and easy! it takes a bit of time but my son loves it! all you need to do (well What I need to do really!) is quilt it and bind it! et voila!

any comments and questions please don’t hesitate!!

I had quite a bit of fabrics hanging around and I thought it would be a good idea to do something with it. I was running low on quilts anyway so I got busy sewing for the past weeks. I used up some flowery fabric I got from the Birmingham show to make one of my favorite baby girl quilt:

I think it will be the last one I do like that as I have already made three. Love it though..

I had some fabric left from a baby quilt I offered to my friend. It’s maisy fabrics and it;s just so cute!

I will add a green border to frame it when I have the time. I didn’t have a set design, I just went along and made sure I could use up all the fabrics that were left. So it looks a bit messy but I don’t mind. I like to not waste fabrics!

I bought a long time ago a half moon charm pack, I used some of it in the stitch and bitch group quilt and had some left over along with the V&co simply color charm pack, I mixed and matched them together to end up with this really colorful and fresh quilt!

I just love how simple it is and yet very striking!

I have also been going to my lovely stitch and bitch group as we are making a group quilt to show at the Birmingham Quilt Show this August. We decided to make each block using one colour. I think the result is just fab but even better when we all have our blocks layed on the floor together.

This is by far my favourite one. Not only because I think it looks good but also because it was a lot of fun to make despite it looking a bit complicated. I’m thinking of making an entire quilt using this block only with different bright colours.

I’m missing one, will post about it when it’s done. This is what it looks like all together:

I’ll be really quickly back for a quilt tutorial (with terrible pictures apologies in advance) and I’ll be sharing pictures of my newly bought fabric stash (so excited about that one!!).

Happy sewing!