Happy New Year!

It’s only been a few days since we started this new year and I have already finished two little boy’s quilt. I was commissioned to make a dinosaur quilt and a super hero quilt by my colleague.

It was quite tricky to find the fabrics and they were expensive compare to the other types of fabrics. I hadn’t decided on a design to put the quilt together and just saw as I went along. I wanted the super hero quilt to look like a comic book, so I mixed different sizes of squares. My husband is really jealous this quilt is not going to him! For the dinosaur quilt I had to work around the big panel.

My husband got me for Xmas three dressmaking books and I cannot wait to get started! I just need to go fabric shopping.

He also got me a very pretty ukulele as I love playing!

Hope to come back soon with a tutorial. Happy sewing everyone!