I had quite a bit of fabrics hanging around and I thought it would be a good idea to do something with it. I was running low on quilts anyway so I got busy sewing for the past weeks. I used up some flowery fabric I got from the Birmingham show to make one of my favorite baby girl quilt:

I think it will be the last one I do like that as I have already made three. Love it though..

I had some fabric left from a baby quilt I offered to my friend. It’s maisy fabrics and it;s just so cute!

I will add a green border to frame it when I have the time. I didn’t have a set design, I just went along and made sure I could use up all the fabrics that were left. So it looks a bit messy but I don’t mind. I like to not waste fabrics!

I bought a long time ago a half moon charm pack, I used some of it in the stitch and bitch group quilt and had some left over along with the V&co simply color charm pack, I mixed and matched them together to end up with this really colorful and fresh quilt!

I just love how simple it is and yet very striking!

I have also been going to my lovely stitch and bitch group as we are making a group quilt to show at the Birmingham Quilt Show this August. We decided to make each block using one colour. I think the result is just fab but even better when we all have our blocks layed on the floor together.

This is by far my favourite one. Not only because I think it looks good but also because it was a lot of fun to make despite it looking a bit complicated. I’m thinking of making an entire quilt using this block only with different bright colours.

I’m missing one, will post about it when it’s done. This is what it looks like all together:

I’ll be really quickly back for a quilt tutorial (with terrible pictures apologies in advance) and I’ll be sharing pictures of my newly bought fabric stash (so excited about that one!!).

Happy sewing!