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I know it’s been a while since I last posted but half term turned out to be horrible as I got the flu and the nasty type! But I’m all better and I’m coming back with a quilt tutorial!

I bought a long time ago this fat quarter bundle and decided I was going to make a chevron quilt for my eldest son. It took me a while to get started but I have finally managed to do it. Now that the weather is warmer you’ll tell me, but better now than never!
So here it is: to start this project you will need:
- 8 different fat quarters (you will have some left over),
- about half a metre of plain fabric to match your fat quarter (if you want to, you can keep using patterned fabric)
-backing fabric,
- 2 fat quarters for the binding,
-quilting thread,
-and all the necessary sewing attire (sewing machine cutting matt, rotary cutter…)

Start by cutting your fat quarters into 5 ½ “ squares, you’ll need 8 of each fat quarter plus 24 of your plain fabric.

Next you need to decide how you are going to arrange your square. Once you’ve decided, keep them in that order until you’ve done the following steps:
Grab 1 square from your first pile and 1 square from your second pile.

Pin them right sides together draw a line on the diagonal

and sew ¼ of an inch away from your drawn line:

cut on the diagonal drawn line:

press seam to one side and cut “ears”:

Repeat those steps for 3 other squares of each first and second pile.

Now, grab 4 squares from second pile and 4 squares from third pile, pin them right sides together, draw a diagonal line and sew ¼ of an inch away from that drawn line.
Repeat those steps for all of your squares.
You now have lots of little piles of half square triangles.
Arrange them on the floor so that they make zigzags.

Pin right sides together the first row and sew a quarter of an inch away from the border.



You do the same for all the rows. Then you sew your rows together. Press the seams to one side.


Et voila! You have nice zigzag top quilt.

 Sandwich in that order: backing wrong side up, batting, and quilt top right side up. Tack it, or if you’re a bit lazy like me, pin it together with quilter’s safety pins. I hand quilted mine but do whatever tickles your fancy.

Bind it and you’re done!

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  1. I love it!!! What is the finished size? I really like the fabrics that you chose. I think I’m going to use your tutorial to make quilt for my new baby girl.

    • Hello!
      The finished size is 96x130cm (3ft2″x4ft3″). I know Michael Miller does the same collection for girls in the shades of pink and grey. Please, share your lovely quilt with us once you’ve finished! Happy sewing!

  2. What a cute quilt! There should be a note to pay attention to fabric design direction, though. It has some very noticeable cutting/directional errors on the argyle pattern and it is something would be very noticeable if someone where to use a more bold even just a stripe fabric. It would be disappointing to someone new to sewing not to have that instruction and have wasted time and money on blocks that don’t look right. Thanks for sharing your tutorial! :)

  3. I LOVE this quilt. I would like to make it a little bigger. How would you do that? Add some squares to each stack of material? Help??

    • I guess you could add more squares at the end of each row and also add a row at the top so you would need one more fat quarter and a bit more plain fabric or you could cut the squares slightly bigger to start with. Just make sure you have enough fabric of the same colour. I hope this help.Happy sewing!

    • Hello !
      I do take orders if you are interested. Most of the quilts I have done on the blog have gone to someone but I would be very happy to discuss with you any colour scheme, design and size! Let me know if you are still interested and I will contact you via your email. thanks for stopping by!!

  4. I’m new to quilting, and would love to try this. What measurement of fabric is needed for the backing and the binding? Also, did you hand quilt along the diagonal? Do you have any recommendations for machine quilting this (I’m not sure I would know which direction to quilt in)?

    • Hello there!
      For the backing you would need 1mx1.40m. For the binding I used 2 fat quarters but you will have some left so you could always ask to cut some fabric from the bolt (about 40cm). I indeed hand quilted it along the diagonals to emphasis the chevron design. You can machine quilt it as it would be quicker following the diagonals too.I was taught to quilt from the middle and out. You would need to baste it first to hold everything in place, I use quilters safety pins starting from the middle and out. First in a cross and then diagonally. I hope this helps, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Happy sewing!

      • I have made one quilt! Just decided I wanted to and had no clue really of what I was doing. I finished it and it fits my king-sized bed nicely and it turned out pretty good also. I wanted to make a Chevron because I love them and found your site. I have read in a half dozen places that a quilt should be started in the middle. My first one I started at the top and kept attaching rows of sandwiches! I am making quilts for each of my grandchildren for Christmas. Ashley’s has an appliqued horse and little girl in the middle that I am working around and this Chevron is going to be the beginning of my grandson’s quilt. Don’t know yet what I am going to do about the second granddaughter! I don’t have much experience, so I am really not profuse at this and it toys with my anxiety issues!! Thanks for sharing this pattern and I love it just the way it is

        • I’m glad you’re experimenting with quilting! I know what you mean, it is exciting but it can get a bit nervous sometimes cutting into the fabric and getting everything right. Glad you liked the chevron quilt and making it! Come back again and happy sewing!

  5. I enjoyed making your quilt, thanks for posting the pattern and instructions. It went together nicely and the instructions were easy to follow.

  6. Thanks for posting the simple and clear tutorial! I am halfway done making this as a baby gift and it is already looking great!

  7. Hi I’m really interested in learning how to quilt. I love your pattern and it seems simple. Would you recommend this for a beginner with absolutely no experience in quilting?

    • Hello Ashley!
      I would recommend you try something simpler. Maybe just squares to start with so that you don’t feel discouraged if you find it hard. But then again my first quilt was a hexagon one. So really it’s up to you and how confident you feel about it! if you have more questions don’t hesitate! Good luck with your first quilt!

  8. Love this idea. My daughter wants a beach quilt. This looks quick and easy so I think I’ll show her this pattern!

  9. Hello! I am a first time grandmother, grandson due in August. I love to sew but haven’t been into it for years. I am going to “attempt” to make his bassinet cover, sheets, and a quilt. I love this chevron pattern and the colors. Can you tell me where you purchase your fabric? thanks, Kim

    • Hello Kim!
      Congratulations on the news! You are going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks!I bought the fabrics online at The collection is called “it’s a boy!” by Michael Miller. I hope you can still find them otherwise try maybe ebay. Happy sewing Kim!

  10. hi i was wondering how much of each fabric you need( not measured in fat quarters) that would help alot!! and is this closest to a full, queen, or a king.

  11. My daughter is expecting our first granddaughter first week in August. I have recovered car seat from a tutorial she sent me from Pinterest, have made her chevron curtains with the help of, made dust ruffle from a pattern I purchased and will be making the bumper pad from her design and now she found YOUR chevron quilt tutorial!!! I want to give you a very special “THANK YOU” for sharing this and honestly by using the fat quarter sizes there is enough fabric left over from bumper pad to match EXACTLY. The bumper pad in one section will have her given name monogrammed on it, I do small monogramming as well.

    If not for tutorials I would have been lost. So, now she has her very own customized baby girl bedding set! Again thanks!

    Oh, this will be our 4th grandchild, the others are all boys, ages 11, 6, 4. The 2 oldest are my sons and he and his wife are expecting their 3rd baby end of 2013 or beginning 2014. They do not know gender at this point.

    • Thank you for your lovely message, I’m glad this is the right one for you! You sure are going to be busy! It think it’s lovely that you are making your 4th grandchild so many things. It’s always greatly appreciated when someone take the effort to create a gift, I’m sure your daughter will love and cherish the set!
      I would love to see the end result!
      Happy sewing! x

  12. I signed up to receive emails/comments but the activation states it has expired. I would like TO follow and even follow you online for suggestion and ideas.

  13. Found your lovely tutorial on Pinterest! I love it. Went shopping today with no plans in mind for what style quilt to make, and your’s is the winner. It’s so beautiful, and honestly, simple. LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing. This will be the first Chevron quilt I’ll make.

  14. I am still somewhat of a novice to quilting and am having difficulty figuring out how much backing fabric to purchase.

    Thanks in advance! I love this quilt.

  15. I was wondering what color the aqua-ish solid is that is used for quite a bit of the quilt. :) I am having a hard time pin pointing a good color match.

  16. Thank you for your tutorial. I am making my first quilt ever and appreciate the easy instructions with pictures!!! I don’t know how to upload pics, but will be happy to share with, when its finished :)

  17. Thank you for sharing this tutorial! It is excellent! I am a little more than half way through making the squares using a similar color pallet. My 2nd grand baby (gender unknown on purpose) is due in 4 1/2 weeks and my daughter requested this quilt after she found it on Pinterest. I will post a picture after it is completed.

  18. This is adorable! I would like to do this chevron pattern for my school quilting project, but I would like to do a double bed size! Can you help me with measurements? Thank you!

    • I would cut more squares at the beginning. In total (using the square size I used in this tutorial) you will need 234 squares to make a finishing quilt measuring 1.40m X 1.80m (double bed size in UK). I think, then again maths is not my cup of tea… each square measures 11cm ish so 13 squares for the width and 18 squares for the length. That should do it. Please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have questions! hope you pass!

  19. I would love to make this quilt and have made a sample with10 in. block or layer cake size. I would like the quilt to be 60 x 80. I do not know how much fabric to buy or how many layer cakes i would need. Can you help. thanks Elva

    • aghh!! Maths and me! I’ll try to help but that’s not my forte! Do you want the quilt to be 60″X 80″? a layer cake has 42 squares measuring 10″ each so once sewn together you will loose a bit (half an inch plus a bit as cut on the diagonal). In total you need 48 squares so I would say 2 layer cakes so that if you find that the quilt is too small you can add more. I hope this help a bit. Happy sewing!

  20. I just wanted to tell you that I used your tutorial to make our first grandson his first quilt from Nana. Our daughter found your pattern and she and I worked on it together. I backed it in flannel and used it for the binding. Henry adores it and loves to snuggle in it. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi there! 1 yard is about 1m and so 1.40m is 1.53 yards. Google does very good conversions too. hope this help!

  21. I am so happy I found your tutorial, my daughter wants a chevron quilt and I’ve never done but squares. I enjoyed your clear explanations. However I was wondering how much fabric to buy off the bolt vs. fat quarters for a full-sized quilt or even a queen? Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

    • So glad you’re enjoying my blog! I would double everything for a double size quilt. so off the bolt ask for half a meter of each fabric. Terribly sorry for belated answer but hope this helps. Happy sewing!

  22. it is gorgeous, wonder if we can make 4 at the time like I was shown before, put two squares together, sew all the way around with a quarter inch seam and cut into 4 diagonally and hey presto, 4 bits! Don’t know how to calculate the inches though, we are in metric, am in Auckland New Zealand

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