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I work for this really great and active association called “les Franglophones”, and you can guess it’s all about France! they have set up a French school for bilingual children, they have a fantastic French mother and toddler group (dads are more than welcome) where they sing, read a story and have a snack (usually it’s home made cake by one -or if we’re lucky two- of the mum), they introduced a book group and they have a familial meeting on every first Saturdays of the month.Those meetings have different themes and are children orientated. The parents volunteer to talk or do activities with children and lead the group. The activities have ranged from dance to dental hygiene!  I thought I would propose to lead a sewing group (no surprise there!) and did so this week end. I had a lovely time and nearly everybody joined in! So here is what we created:

Felt flags: you will need a stick, some felt and anything you fancy to go on your flag

you can cut any shape you want, My eldest wanted a rectangle and my youngest a triangle:

Then half an inch from the border snip the felt with the tip of scissors every inch or so:

then start decorating: you can sew a button or fussy cut some fabric and glue or sew it on your flag, you can use fabric paint to draw, or use some pre-cut felt shapes, possibilities are endless!

next wrap an elastic band approximately on the middle of your stick, insert the stick in the little snips you have done previously, going over then under etc…

attach another elastic band on top just to hold the top flag in place, and you’re done!


for the bunting you will need some felt, pre-cut felt shapes,  bias tape, scissors.

I cut some triangles but one one little girl cut some heart shapes and it turned out lovely!

fold the top of your triangle a little bit and snip on each corner to make little dent.

decorate your triangles the way you want it.

and lace through the triangle your bias tape :

and your are finished!

Kids loved doing this (both boys and girls), it’s fairly easy and great for eye/hand coordination!

I have many more ideas, I hope I can join them again soon, especially as there is always some lovely home cooking going on; this time it was crepes!!! yum!

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