At last the baby bunting quilt is finished!

I know I said I would finish the baby bunting quilt the same week as I started it but I did not manage to find the time to do it… Until now: it’s all finished and it looks fab!! Makes me want to eat strawberry and cream and wishing summer would come sooner!

Once I finished all the free motion quilting:

I cut 2”1/2 strips of green fabric sew them together with a diagonal seam:

and fold it in half and pressed with the iron. I ended up with a long 1”1/4 strip:

I then pined it in place on the right side of the quilt, on the border starting a bit further away from the corner. I left some fabric a bit loose to start with and you’ll see why later.

I sew all the way down but stopped a quarter of an inch away from the corner and did a couple of back stitch.

And this is what I did next:

Just repeat for all 4 edges until you arrive at the end. You now need to join the last two strip together, sew and cut excess fabric. Pin in place sew and you’re done!

I usually press with iron and turn it over. I slipstitched the binding on the back of the quilt.

I’m very pleased with the result. It took me a long time to finish it but it’s because life gets in the way!

Easy and quick project, this quilt is now for sale!

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