Walk like an Egyptian

I am still alive yes! I was just hibernating and being grumpy for a while, but now the sun is daring to come out, I’m ready to get going again!

I thought I’d come back with a dress up tutorial. Matteo my eldest had to dress up as an Egyptian.

For this, you will need an old white bed sheet, fabric marker, thread, some blue and gold fabric, a little bit of Velcro.

I started by lying Matteo’s tee-shirt on the old white sheet, I traced around without the sleeves, I then measured Matteo’s height and traced on the white fabric:

I cut it and just simply sew round the marked line leaving a space for the neck and arms.I then hemmed the neck and arm wholes.

I then cut two long strip to make the belt but I measured Matteo’s waist first and added a couple more inches for safety. I folded it in half and pressed with iron to mark the middle (it will help place the shapes in place afterwards.

Using a template I made very quickly,

I cut two pieces out of the blue fabric and one piece out of the gold fabric. sew round the marked lines and turn right side out, press with an iron and if you’re fussy, top stitch!

Iinsert the (I’m not sure how to call them so we’ll say the shapes) shapes inside the belt, make sure they are nicely tucked in so that you don’t sew on them:

sew all the way round leaving a whole on the small end of the belt to turn it right side out. Press with iron and top stitch all the way round.

Add the Velcro at each ends of the belt:

I added another pleated white piece, I attached it at the back of the belt going a few times over the stitches:

Buy a hat (life’s too short) or just tie a string round the head..

I needed to do a few adjustment on the neck but all in all Matteo was really happy! Slap on some make up et voila!


I promise to post a bit more coming soon with the progress on our stitch and bitch group! enjoy the few days of sunshine!




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