Winter quilt (to not say xmas quilt since I’ve missed the deadline)

Oops… Never mind!

I hope you have all been spoiled and enjoyed your end of year celebrations!

Personally,  I had a good one but cannot even think of food anymore (or alcohol), I am full for a month!

So here is my belated Xmas quilt tutorial that I managed to finished just the day before Xmas!The circles remind me of baubles but since it is now a winter quilt, it reminds me of snow balls (not sure about that one !). I used fresh Xmas fabrics from Kate spain’s design called Joy and one fat quarter from Aneela Hoey.

What you will need:

several fat quarters or depending on how big you want your circles scraps of Xmas fabrics, cheap white fabric (I used an old bed sheet), white cotton fabric for the front of the quilt (as much as you want depending on how big you want your quilt to be), red fabric for the back, sewing kit, and plates of different sizes. And as you can see a cuppa too just to keep you going.

Start by marking around the circles on your fabrics:

Place the right side of your Xmas fabric onto the cheap white fabric, pin together and sew on the marked circle:

cut around a quarter of an inch from the marked circle then snip all the way round:

on the cheap white fabric cut a slit in the middle (careful not to cut the nice fabric)

turn your circle the right way round press with the iron:

repeat those steps for all your circles:

(Elliott wanted to be in the picture!)

Then, lay your white cotton fabric and lay on top your circles, decide where you want them  and pin them in place (I used quilter’s safety pin) now blind stitch all around:

At this stage you can decide whether you have enough circles or if you want to add some more. I thought mine was lacking and added a few more bigger circles.

Once you’re happy with the result, you can now sandwich your quilt. I used cherry red fabric for the backing, cheap and cheerful but still does the trick. I wanted to do free motion quilting on the circles only, using white thread:

Et voila! all you need to do is bind it together and you’re finished!

Oh and happy new year everyone, may 2013 be filled with love, health, happiness and a lot of sewing fun!


5 thoughts on “Winter quilt (to not say xmas quilt since I’ve missed the deadline)

  1. This is such a great quilt! Thanks for visiting my blog and happy new year to you too!!! PS. It’s FINALLY snowing!!! Hopefully we might just miss school…yay!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tutorial – thought I might have a go at making one for this Christmas coming. Could you let me know please when you say you ‘blind’ stitched the circles to the white fabric, did you do all that by hand?

    • Hi Allyson, I did it all by hand indeed. it’s a bit time consuming indeed. You can just sew with your machine around the circle if you prefer. I didn’t mind it because I like to hand sew while watching TV and since there’s not much quilting it still goes quite quickly. Happy sewing!

  3. Thanks for letting me know – you must have a lot more patience than me though and such tidy stitches! I’ll let you know how I get on if I decide to tackle this project.

  4. I like your easier method of finishing the circles. I think I’ll add loops and make them into ornaments. Or put novelty characters in centers and a blue sky and they are balls bouncing! Thanks for the idea.

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