Countdown to Xmas!

We are all getting ready for Xmas over here and I cannot believe how quickly it is arriving. Getting a bit stressed as we are celebrating at my house this year and this means I have to cook. Which I normally really enjoy but last time I spent most of my day cooking and felt that I wasn’t really celebrating but more like slaving… So hopefully, less cooking this year.

I have made in a week (it was such a rush!) this lovely Xmas tree advent calendar. The boys really love it!

I am also working on a Xmas quilt and will share a tutorial very very soon (she says after not blogging for over a month!)

I wanted to share with you some little felt baubles I am making for my little pupils. They are really simple to make and cheap. They are a bit time consuming but are really effective.

Here is what you will need: Felt (as many colours as you want), a plate 4” or above (anything smaller is just not working as I tested before have a look:  some scissors, some thread and some matching ribbon.

Start by marking around the plate on 4 pieces of felt and cut around:

Put your 4 pieces of felt on top of each other:

Place the ribbon folded in half in between the felt at the top edge:

Now sew one straight line either with machine or by hand so that it will catch the felt and ribbon.

One the first felt circle pinch in the middle and join them with a tiny stitch:

join  the second felt pinch on the top and on the bottom  with the first felt circle and stitch them together:

Repeat on all the other felt in the same manner: middle, top/bottom, middle top/bottom.


Et voila! A felt bauble!

I hope my little kiddies will like it!

Will be back soon to show you my Xmas quilt!

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