Monster monster who am I?

My son will be starting school again on Monday as a monster. It’s their new theme for this term apparently.  I thought I would share our crazy bright monster costume my son and I

designed because you never know…

You will need some bright socks, 3 white pompoms, green felt, white felt, threads, faux fur,  a bright jumper.

Start by cutting some small round shapes out of the white felt.Place them on the sleeve under the arm. And sew them by hand with a cross: they’re suposed to look like suction cups.

then cut some round-ish shapes out of the green felt:

place them on the front of the jumper and sew them in place with big stitches:

now cut three triangles from the white felt:

place them on the front of the hood just under the seam and sew in place:

Then with a black felt pen mark a big dot on each white pompom and sew them in place on top of the hood quite close together (mine I found are not close enough to each others…)

then if you think you can hack the faux fur (it’s a bit of a nightmare as it frays A LOT!) cut triangular shapes out of it and sew them on the back of the jumper:

now get those socks out and fill them up with plastic bags (it’s lighter than normal filling and it makes an interesting noise):

pin them in place all around the bottom of the jumper and sew them in place:

now I’ve stopped there but you can add a tail, a tongue coming out of the bottom hood, some horns next to the eyes…. it’s up to you!

So voila! a monster costume:


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