when you finally work with a professional sewing machine!!

I got a new sewing machine for my birthday on Monday!! It’s a Frister and Rossman professional. I’ve never used an electric one before, it was always manual so it took me a while to understand how it functions. Especially as the manual is translated from German in a very odd way. So my geek helped me and decided that the manual was easy to understand as it was written by Yoda (“start button will no action to operate”). Hmm…. I still need to understand the tension bit as my thread from the bottom bobbin is not tight enough  even when I change the tension. If anyone has an idea I’m all ears!

I had lots of accessories coming with it and presser foot i didn’t even know existed! I’m going to have fun!

It does lots of stitches, simple ones and really crazy stuff that I don’t know when I’ll use them but they’re really cute:

I was so happy I had to make a quilt! I decided to rummage through my stash of fabrics and found loads of lovely fabrics I had forgotten were there! I made a baby quilt for my son’s teacher who will be having a baby boy soon:

Love the bright colors for a baby:

 I’m off for a couple of weeks hunting the sun! Have a happy sewing holiday everyone!


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