Inside my body apron

I know I couldn’t find another title… I’m open to suggestions!

As promised I finally manged to finish my tutorial and to actually blog about it!

I think it’s important for kids to learn how your body functions, what’s inside and how it works why. So I came up with this idea to make an apron where you could stick the main organs on. If you’re squeamish turn away from your computer now!

So here is what you’ll need:

A stash of different colored fabrics, different colored threads, the organ templates, a meter of felt, and some sew on Velcro tape and your sewing equipment.

Start by cutting the organs from the templates, and trace around the templates on your fabrics:

now sew a small rough side of the Velcro onto your fabric:

now fold your fabric and start sewing on the drawn line leaving a small gap to stuff the wadding in:

Stuff it with wadding but not too much it needs to stay quite flat:

Cut around and with satin stitch sew all the way round again:

Do the dame for all of the remaining organs:

using the felt fabric cut a strip (it doesn’t matter the width) and sew on it a piece of Velcro:

in the middle sew a piece of soft side of the Velcro:

you can now attach the brain:

now fold your felt in two and cut a larger piece of the  remaining felt (about the width of your child)

no on the folded edge using a small plate trace half a circle or even smaller:

and now cut on your drawn line:

now decide where the organs will be placed and pin some soft pieces of Velcro onto the felt:

sew them on and place your organs on them. Et voila! you’re done!



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