Lazy? Moi?!

I know I haven’t been blogging for the past month or so, I know I should have and trust me I wasn’t thumb twiddling.

I’ve been caught up by life planning birthdays for my geek and kid, I’ve been filling up application form for jobs and not getting them so I spent a week crying, Went to so many school trip/sports day/and I can’t remember what else, I’ve been reading THE book, I’ve been working (because, you know, other wise no money to spend on shoes, bags, fabrics and other essentials), I’ve been planning my holiday (I know life’s too tough), I’ve been cleaning my fridge and kitchen-whoop-whoop!, and I’ve been volunteering at school and at the family center. SOoooo I’m exhausted and really fancy a break!

In the meantime I received the awsome chevron fabric that I have been dreaming about for ever. I think I went a bit mad because I had to buy the fabric from America and ended up paying more for P&P than for the fabric itself…. And I can’t even say I have more money than sense because I don’t have more money….

But look it’s just too beautiful!

I also bought the most amazing book called 99 modern quilt blocks.

I meet up with my sewing friends on Tuesday evenings and we sew/chat/bitch/giggle. We’re off to the Birmingham quilt show (oh yeah!) and this year they all presenting a quilt except me. So next year we decided that each one of us will make a sampler quilt and we will sew it together to make a huge quilt to present at the show. I cannot wait to choose the fabric and get started.

here are a few of my favorite blocks:

In between all the stuff I’ve been doing I managed to make a small kids tutorial. It’s all about  the body and it will be coming soon, hopefully tomorrow! here’s a preview pic:

So now I need to help tidy up the living room because there’s a Playmobil invasion…..

Oh and by the way, I love that you all come and visit my little blog but I’d love even more to hear from you! it’s a lovely feeling to receive messages from viewers! Any ideas for a modern block to make a modern quilt?



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