fabric shopping or my nightmare of a day

As I said a couple of days ago, I went fabric shopping in order to make my living room cushions. I went to a shop I’m really not keen on and therefore won’t mention its name but didn’t have a choice as I wanted upholstery fabric. I think we all know which one I’m talking about…Aren’t they the rudest people in there? Everything in there is over priced. I don’t get it at all; Is it a fabric shop? a furniture shop? a cafe?   a shoe shop? I’m really confused…. It is completely lacking of warm and welcoming staff who clearly don’t give a toss what you say to them.

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Don’t even try asking for suggestions or help, they’ll just look at you like you’ve just asked for the moon…. I wanted some grey chevron fabric and I said to the lady I wanted to make cushions did she have/ no we don’t up here you need to go downstairs. I mean what the hell (to not say anything else)  did she know what I wanted!!!!!???

I cut her right back with a smile (you know as one says: monkey see monkey do. I’m hoping there!) and told her that I wanted cotton…. She was not helpful.

It didn’t help that my two boys decided to go on full naughty mode in there… I ended up raising my voice (a polite way to say shouting really) getting annoyed,crossed, and bothered with everything and everyone… Probably because before that, we went to Clarcks to buy some shoes and don’t get me started on that shop either, what a joke!

Well you can tell I was in a mood…. So back to my fabrics, I ended up buying some really nice linen and cotton fabric. Well, they can be nice for £27 a meter (!)

I then decided to go to my favorite shop in the world to relax and effectively spend more money on fabrics!

I bought a walk in the wood charm pack from Aneela Hoey  (love her!) and a plain white solid charm pack from Moda, I was asked to make a baby quilt. I cannot wait to get started as I always wanted to work with her fabrics but never had the opportunity.

I also bought the half moon modern range from Moda. At first I just wanted to buy the large grey polka dots and grey chevron fabric but it wasn’t in the shop so I bought a charm pack instead (i know no coherence there!) I just couldn’t resist it’s so gorgeous!! I’ll make a simple quilt with it, not sure for whom… (maybe me!)

My eldest saw some really cool fabric in the shop and asked me to make him some bunting. I think I’ll use them to make him another quilt. It’s just too gorgeous for bunting!

it will go well with this fabric I bought at Ardingly festival:

Since that day I’ve been busy sewing two cushions:

I will be posting a tutorial for this cushion soon, but first I’m off making sushis for my friends who are coming over for dinner tonight! Sayonara!


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