Laced cushion tutorial

I went in most of  the shops I know that will sell cushions and just couldn’t find anything I liked. I had some lace I bought in France and thought it would look nice on dark grey fabric. I thought I would share with you how I made this cushion!

Here is what you’ll need for this project:

1m of fabric of your choice

1m50 of lace

1 14” zip matching your fabric

Matching threads for fabric and lace

All your sewing equipment!

Start by measuring 16” squares out of your fabric you’ll need 2:

I didn’t want my fabric to fray so I sewed the edges using a large satin stitch:

First decide where you want your lace to be, and how many strips you want. I made three in the middle. Pin it:

And sew with matching thread on both edges:

Next pin right side of zip with the right side of fabric:

Sew all the way using a zipper foot:

Do the same for the other side of the zip. Next turn your project right side up and press with iron so that the fabric is hiding the zip:

You’ll then need to sew on the ironed line on both end of the zip. Sew from the edge to the beginning of the zip. Do it on both ends:

To have a nice finish it’s preferable that you top stitch all the way round:

You’re nearly finished, with right side together pin the fabric edges to edges and sew all the way round. Don’t forget to leave you zip open.

Clip the corners making sure not to cut the sewn seams.

Turn your cushion right side out et voila!

You’re all done!

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