What was I thinking?

That’s what i’m asking myself each time I work on my massively huge quilt project.…. I am enjoying it but it seems like a never ending job!!

I decided to cut the quilt in 5 so it could actually fit on my living room floor to tack it. I will join it all up when all the parts are quilted.

I decided to hand quilt it as it definitively won’t go through my tiny sewing machine whose had enough already of my constant use (I got it 2 years ago, and the service man told me it was used like a ten year old machine….). I have already started the quilting part  using perle and as usual love doing it but I’m running out of ideas…

It needs to be modern quilting as my parents won’t have any flowery stuff (and fair enough!) So I looked into Sashiko pattern and I love it! I will be using them a lot more

.I will also be sewing some geometric art deco pattern as they are  masculine and still quite modern. If you have more ideas I’m all ears and would be happy to learn something new!


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