Tissue pompom tutorial

I’m getting my son’s birthday party ready and I’m trying to make all the decorations myself. I have made a few tissue pom pom and wanted to show you how to make them at it’s really simple, effective and cheap.

You will need a piece of string or flower wire, some tissue paper, and a pair of scissors.

First start by cutting your tissue paper to the desire size. mine is a tinsy one but you can make it as big as you fancy. Just make sure it’s square-ish.. I’ve cut about 9 sheets but you can cut more or less depending on how puffy you want your ball to be.

then fold it like a fan :


In the middle you tie it with a string or thin wire. I like string because it’s all ready to hang.

Then cut the end either pointy or round I wanted mine pointy:

all you need to do is separate the sheets of tissue from one another:

just keep on going:

and then you’re done, if you do some more and different sizes it just look amazing!


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