Back and massively busy!

It’s so nice to be back after a break in France with the kids. We had a great time visiting friends and family and went to Park Asterix! The Easter bunny and the Bells (yes it’s bells in France) were very generous with us, so much so we had to leave some over there as there was not enough space in the luggage!

So coming back means it will be school very soon and back to a routine. I have so many things that needs to be done.

I have nearly finished my sister’s quilt, I just to need to bind it.

I would also like to paint my living room as we’ve had the sale deco for so long it’s just plain boring now! I would like it to be grey but I’m hesitating… here are the colors I found in the shop:

I think my favorite ones are those two:

But hubby’s scared it might be too dark… I think it will work. While I was in France I went to Maison du Monde and bought a few things to go in my new living room, I just love the place. It also gave me loads of sewing ideas (to be coming up soon!).

I’m also busy getting my son’s 5th birthday party ready:

He wants a Dinosaur birthday party and I’m trying to do as many things as possible myself as it can get a bit costly. I will post everything I’ve done once the party is over!

When I was in France I was asked to do a (massive) quilt to go on a (massive) bed by my parents, we went to choose the fabrics together:

and decided on a simple design:

Not sure if it’s clear, but it will mostly be different size squares and rectangles with three big borders. It needs to be very simple because all together the quilt will be a massive square of 3mX3m!!Plus,  I like my projects to be quick. So that’s me busy for the next month or so!! (more like a year!!)

It’s nice to be back and can’t wait to get started on all my little projects!




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