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When I’m not doing tutorials for the blog or working on commissions, I go to a sampler quilt course every other Monday. I love having this time for myself and meeting new people as well as learning more about quilting and sewing. The lady’s really lovely and funny so we all have a good time.

The colour scheme I chose was quite bold and flashy but I really like the end result. It’s a selection of “sugar and spice” and other red and aqua fabrics. I have done ten blocks but will use only nine. One of them was really badly done and the middle is pointing upward.. hum… never mind!

My favorite was that one:

The first block we made was the tumbling blocks. I never thought I would enjoy hand sewing as I am quite impatient and want my projects to be finished quickly, but I have found a new passion in it! It’s so relaxing and definitively less noisy. It’s perfect for when I go meet my friend on Thursday nights for a stitch and bitch!

The second one we made was a nine patch block and as homework we had to make the card trick block. All hand sewn together, which again was really nice to do.

and I did a friendship star block:

Next we learnt about the rail fence:

We then moved on to the log cabin (my favourite) and to practice we had to make a courthouse step block.

Next we learnt about the grandmother’s fan, and my friend can testify there was a lot of swearing involved in the process of making that block…. a nightmare! But I love how it turned out, I’m even considering making a big quilt just using 4 big blocks. I might swallow a bottle of primrose pills beforehand though….

The last block we did was the wild goose chase. Easy and quick although at first I didn’t see how it could turn out the way it was supposed to. Got there in the end and it’s pretty easy and quick to make. It looks like a fan or windmill.

We’ve now sashed our blocks, sandwiched them and I am in the process of hand quilting them separately… It’s different to how I make a quilt but I’m sure it will look fab and I’m glad to be learning something new.

The next thing we’re learning is the stain glass patchwork and I cannot wait, it just look really pretty.

Will let you know how I’m getting on!

1 thought on “sampler quilt

  1. Vraiment c’est superbe!!! J’adore les motifs du tissus mais j’adore aussi ta facon de les travailler!!!! J’aime beaucoup le n°3 et le 6 tu as du bien t’enquiquiner!!!
    Grosses bises à ma quilteuse préférée

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