Shine star Shine

My youngest boy is in the Xmas play at school and he’s a star! (I knew that already). I volunteer at the school and the (lovely) teacher asked me to help with the decorations. I made a few stars and that gave me an idea for a Xmas decoration project to do with my kiddies. Hanging woollen stars! Either to hang on the Xmas tree or to hang from the ceiling, you know wherever tickles your fancy!

You will need a star template, cardboard, white wool, hot gun glue, PVA glue, white metallic paint and Glitter.

Just cut out your template and reproduce it on your card board as many times as you want. We cut three different sizes.

Then paint your cardboard with the white metallic paint, let it dry.

Start by applying a tiny dot of hot glue to stick your wool on one end of the star.

and wrap your star with the wool. Go round and round until you’re happy with how it looks.

Hot gun glue the end of your wool to the card board. And dot some glue every now and then to help keep it in place.

Mix the PVA glue with the glitter.

and glitter the hell out of your stars!!

Let it dry, with a needle insert an invisible thread and hang it where you want! Et Voila!


Hope you had fun making this, good luck clearing all the glitter away now!!

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