let it snow…

I was thinking of making a round Xmas wreath, but my eldest son is really into snowflakes at the moment (probably because it hasn’t snowed yet!) so I made a giant snow flake to hang on our door.

You will need: a big bag of lollipop sticks, hot gun glue, some metallic white paint, some PVA glue, and glitter the colour of your choice!

Start by arranging the lollipop sticks so that you know where to glue them.




Hot gun glue your lollipop sticks together, just a tiny amount is enough.




I guess you can use some PVA glue, but it takes longer to set and with my impatient boys it’s a bad combination (who am I kidding, I’m the impatient one)..

Once you’re all set you need to mix some metallic white paint with some PVA glue and some (actually a lot, I just love the stuff!) glitter.

Just apply on your snowflake everywhere, let it dry, hang it et voila!

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