Zpagetti in Italia

This were I’ve been last week:

Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo North of Italy. It was absolutely magnificent. Not only my eyes were enchanted but my taste buds got a kick in the mouth! I am clearly physically back but my mind is still lost in the little streets of this beautiful medieval town.

I visited most of the museums, churches, restaurants and shops. I got really inspired by some of the roman mosaics and some of the clothes designs. You’ll be sure to find some Italian inspired creations soon!

In this little town I was surprised to find a craft shop which was selling a few hooked zpagettti¬†yarns. I fell in love with them! Ideas came flooding my mind, crochet, knitting, finger knitting for my kiddies! You could do so many things with them. It’s a brilliant idea.

It’s basically off cuts of jersey knit that they cut into really long thin strips.

I’ve already started to knit and it looks really interesting.


I’ve nerver crochet in my life so I need to invest in a hook. I’ve already tried to crochet with my fingers and the result was quite impressive. Cannot wait to start with a real hook.

I have decided to make a bag with it. On their website you can download for free a few patterns and I chose this one.

But you could make cushions, scarves, baskets, rugs, wreath… possibilities are endless! (no no, I have not been paid to praise them!)

I will keep you updated on my crochet skills (if any!) and will soon post a tutorial, but first I need to get back into a routine and to reality!


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