quick little owl costume

My eldest son had a nocturnal animal day at school and they were asked to come in dressed as a nocturnal animal of their choice. Matteo chose to be an owl. We had to make a poster about owls and we learnt some cool things about them!

To make the costume I used one of my tee that I wasn’t wearing anymore. I found some old clothes that were brown, red, purple, cream. I cut some shapes (feather looking) out of those and sew them on the tee starting at the bottom all the way up the collar.

For the wings, I cut out from brown fabric a triangle shape that was the size of my son’s back and arm. I sew some more fabrics on the back and sew the wings on the tee. et voila!

For the eyes, ears and beak I cut out a head band from an old jumper. I cut out some small triangles for the ears and beak. For the eye I cut 2 yellow circles out of paperĀ and sew some black button on top.Et voila! a quick owl costume (and cheap!) hope this gave you some ideas!

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