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I first went shopping to the Hollister shop in Brighton when it opened and although I like the clothes, the shop lighting is too dimmed and couldn’t quite see the clothes. The dimmed light, you’ll tell me, is to probably hide the price and poor fabric quality ! bleeping hell it’s expensive!!! I kept thinking: “I can do that for a lot cheaper!”. So My sister had a top hat was bland and I proposed to glamour it up a bit, having in mind the laced ruffle top from hollister:

So here is my take on it:

you’ll need some thread, pins, tee and lace (i used tule also)

start by drawing lines on your tee-shirt where you want the lace to be, i draw curved line following the neck line.

you then need to pleat the lace every quarter of an inch or so and pin it in place on the tee:

when the lace is in the middle of the collar, pleat the other way:

finish pleating and start sewing, don’t forget to back stitch at the beginning and end. take pins away as you sew:

you should ned up with the first row of lace:

using the tule I saw the next row using the pleating method:

you then sew the third row and you’re nearly finished!

I decided to sew on some pearls to lighten it up a bit:

Et voila! you’re all done and you’re purse is still alive in the light!

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