up cycling ugly trousers into marvelous bloomers!

I cannot remember for the life of me where i got those ugly trousers but i’m pretty sure I didn’t buy them.

I thought I’d keep them and use the fabric when an idea would come up. And ta-da! the idea came today. At school we are frequently asked to dress up our kids in fancy costumes depending on the historical topic they are studying. The last time we had to dress them up  was as Stuart people (no kidding!)…

Though isn’t it?  For girls it’s quite OK but for boys I had to rack my brain to finally just send him to school dressed in black. Although i did propose to make a full costume, when my son saw the tights and colerette he just went berserk “no way I’m wearing tights!!”.

For the next time i will be prepared: I turned those funny looking trousers into old fashion bloomers. They will cover from Stuart to Victorian time. Bob’s you’re uncle!

I started by cutting the legs off and kept the remaining fabric aside:

I then cut some strips out of the remaining fabric (approximately 3″ but i didn’t measure the length because I wasn’t quite sure how bog the leg hole would be)

I then sewn the strips on the long edge together:

I also sew a zig zag along the edge of the bottom legs of the culotte so that it won’t fray :

I then sewed a basting stitch by hand close to the edge and tightened the thread to gather the fabric:

Next sew your strip raw edge together like so:

the joining strips at the end is a tad tricky you need to sew it together and cut off the excess fabric:

and you need to turn the strip over and you are done!

I’m happy with the result. Next week stiff ruffle collar tutorial… (as  if!)





1 thought on “up cycling ugly trousers into marvelous bloomers!

  1. C’est pour lui faire un déguisement?
    Mais où avais tu trouver cette chose immonde des années 70????? Dans un magasin vintage, je sais que c’est très à la mode en ce moment mais il y a quand même des choses à ne pas prendre même si c’est vintage!!!!!
    Bisous lil sis!!!!

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