When I had a clearance in my husband’s wardrobe i found myself with a huge pile of unwanted T-shirts… I gave most of them to a charity shop, I threw away the really bad looking ones and kept 4 or 5 good looking ones as I had a little project in mind. My little kiddies needed some lap blanket to sit on the sofa while watching TV.

I cut out some big squares from my hubby’s Tees and sew them together. I asked my sons what they would like on their blanket and some of their requests were expected and others a bit funny (an apple….). I looked into my kiddies cupboard and got some Tees that were too small/ dirty/ ugly… Draw the desired shapes on some bonder web and ironed it on their Tees, cut out the shapes and ironed again on the big squares. I had some towel fabrics from a project I never got round to do, so I used that for the backing. Sew them right sides together leaving a 5″ space, turned it over and stitched it closed. Et voila, a nice and quick recycled project! Send me pics of your recycled projects if you want to.

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  1. Eve, this is ace! I love your blog! I bet the boys loved these blankets and the images are so clever – i love the Lego man! x

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