How to join tow blocks together

Do you remember my sampler quilt I was making with my friends for the Birmingham show? that one:

It’s now time to sew them together and I thought I would show you how to do it! Why not have done it before you would ask me! well if you want to do free motion quilting it’s easier to do it on a small squares. So here is how you do it:

Start by folding the back fabric and the wadding on the side you want to sew them together and pin it:

Do it for the other square too:

pin the squares right sides together:

sew a quarter of inch from the edge:

press open, lay your tow sewn squares right side facing down. Put a ruler on the pressed seam (you’ll see why later, I haven’t done it in the picture but it’s best if you do) and unfold the wadding:

and unfold the other side on top of the other wadding piece you’ve just unfolded:

Next, cut through the two layers of wadding right in the middle make sure not to cut the top quilt but if you’re using the ruler it shouldn’t happen.

Using a herring stitch, sew the two pieces of wadding together:

then, unfold one piece of back fabric:

fold to make a hem on the other side and lay it on top of the other unfolded side:

Press with an iron:

Using a slip stitch, sew the backing together:

This is what the backing should lookd like:

Et voila! you are done!

I’ll see you soon for more fabric frenzies and quilt making!


7 thoughts on “How to join tow blocks together

  1. Thank you for this tutorial it has made my day because I am wanting to do this on a king size quilt, doing it in smaller projects and then attaching together after is a brill idea.

    • It’s definitively easier on a massive quilt and it means your stitching can be neat and precise and that you won’t kill your back and shoulders! Enjoy! (ooh and send pic if you can!)x

    • Hello! sorry for belated reply… I have not washed it yet as I have not used it but I was taught it would hold well i machine washed. Maybe avoid tumble drying as a precaution. Hope this help!

  2. Thank you or posting this eye catching quilt. I love it and am new to quilting but feel even I could do this. I’m looking forward to having a go.

  3. Thank you for posting this quilt. I am new to quilting but think even I could manage this. I’m looking forward to having a go.

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