Getting ready for Halloween!

I am still alive yes and also massively busy . Which is great because it’s already mid- October ( didn’t see the time pass) and it will soon be Halloween. You can tell I’m as excited as my kids! So in that effect my eldest got thinking about a good scary costume and came up with a mummy zombie. Brilliant! easy to do, cheap, effective and will also work well for the Egyptian costume at school!  I had to think of one for myself too and came up with one costume three occasions: A witch! At school where I work we will be asked to come dress up as something that comes out at night: I’ll be a witch, we then have to dress up as our favorite book character: I’ll be the wicked witch! and I’ll be the scary witch for Halloween! done! I made a black tutu, bought some funny tights, a hat, a broom from the pound shop. Et voila!

But I thought I would share this mini tutorial with you: The mummy zombie 

You will need: a creamy top and bottom (got mine from ladies department in Primark, size 6, but couldn’t find cream leggings so he chose grey) some iron bandage looking fabric, some tea (not just for a break), an iron, and a pair of scissors:

Start by cuting some strips of your fabric. It doesn’t have to be the same size, after all it’s a messy mummy…

you then have to stain them with tea bags to make them look old and mucky, and just start aplying them wherever as it doesn’t have to be just so and neat:

iron on the fabric once you’re happy with it, do the top, bottom…

and the sleeves:

you should end up with a top looking like that:

It really doesn’t have to look neat. I’ve left a few strips hang out to make it look old.

you then move on to the trousers and I just lined the fabric in rows and ironed it on:

do the same for the other leg and you have a pair of mummy trousers:

My son didn’t have the chance to try it on yet but will post a pic soon, in the meantime it looks like this:

Add a bit of fake blood, some bandages on his head and make up, I think he’ll scare himself looking in the mirror!

In the spirit of Halloween I made a quilt that needs to be sandwiched and quilted (the design will be a spider web!)

And nothing to do with Halloween but thought I would show you anyways. I’ve told you before that I meet with my sewing friends every Tuesdays and that we decided to each make 12  12″ blocks into a quilt and join them all up to make a massive quilt to present at the Birmingham quilt show next year. We have chosen the designs, the color scheme and it’s in full beam preparations! I have bought Simply colors by V&co (<3) as we are making each block into a specific color. we’ve started with green:

moved on to blues:

and the next block (I chose the color!) will be pink! I will keep you posted on our progress but I’m really excited and I’m looking forwards to the end result.

Will come back with more Halloweeny stuff as we’ll soon decorate the house….


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