Birmingham Quilt show or how I am now penniless

I went to the Birmingham quilt show in August with my lovely quilting friends and had an amazing time. We took the train there and stayed the day which was nice but next year we’ll probably stay the night and enjoy the show a bit longer maybe even join a lecture (let’s be crazy). My friends were showing their quilts and they just looked amazing, we took pictures of them with their proud owner, unfortunately I haven’t got a pic to show you as I didn’t bring my camera…

So as we wandered around, we discovered that 1- their quilts were the best (with a few others) 2- that colours really matter (poo-ey shades really!!!???) 3- that zebras on quilts really don’t work and 4- being an extreme feminist and a quilter doesn’t always give the best results…

So anyhow, we had a blast and a massive giggle. we also spent some time shoping meeting some lovely gals and getting poorer by the hour.

I got some grey fabric from a lovely stall but cannot remember for the life of me what their name was, when I’ll remember I’ll give you a link.

I’ll make a quilt for my newly decorated living room.

I also bought some Halloween fabric to make a quilt for the occasion. I know it’s frowned upon here (and completely forbidden in France)  but I love that holiday. And neighbors play the game in our area so that’s all very civilized. We only knock on doors that have a carved pumpkin on their door step.

I have already started a quilt and will show you the finished product soon!

I also bought some Christmas fabric to guess what, make a Christmas quilt for the holiday.

I’ve been meaning to make one for a long time but never got round to doing it. So cannot wait to get started, but need to choose a design first…

I’ve also brought a jelly roll, some backing and some fabric for the binding. I just love the design of those fabrics, shame I haven’t got a girl!!

oh I nearly forgot! I also bought a massive roll of wadding because it was a lot cheaper. A tad huge but we managed (thanks to my friends who helped).

I’m busy getting ready for my new job and getting the kids settled into a routine. I’m also busy making my Halloween quilt, a sampler quilt with my quilting ladies and doing a quick tutorial to post later in the week.

I’ve also joined an adult ballet class for beginners and cannot wait to get into that leotard!



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