Massive beach bag tutorial

I always end up holding everybody’s things when we go swimming and have to hold too many bags. I made this huge bag for going to the beach and swimming pool for this summer holiday. Well, I say summer in a very optimistic way since so far we’ve had 9 days of sunshine and not even consecutive days… but today is shining so I’m in good spirit!

Here is what you’ll need: 1.50m of nice heavy fabric, 1.50 of lining fabric, fabric pen, pins, ruler, scissors, and usual sewing kit.

Start by cutting:

From the lining fabric:

2 rectangles measuring: 23″1/2 X 20″ (that will be the inside bag)

1 long strip measuring: about 60″ X 6″ ( that will be the gusset)

From the heavy fabric:

2 rectangles measuring 23″1/2 X20″

1 long strip measuring: 60″X 6″

2 straps measuring: 32″ X 5″

with the lining fabric place a plate at the bottom corners of the fabric, mark around it and cut on drawn line:

then mark the middle by folding the fabric in half at the top edge.┬áMark a line 2″ from the middle on each side:

pinch one drawn line:

And bring it to the middle mark:

do the same for the other side, pin in place and repeat for the other lining fabric:

You now need to sew on the pleats doing a couple of back stitches.

pin the gusset in place with the pleated fabric:

sew all the way round and repeat for other side of lining fabric and you should end up with something looking like this:

Now you need to repeat all those steps for the outside fabric:

Now sew the straps together length way:

turn them over and press:

top stitch on both sides:

now is the complicated bit, to put the bag together start by pining your straps on both side of bag:

now insert the outside of the bag inside the lining, so that the right side of outter bag is facing the right side of lining bag (Am I making sense at all here? if not please leave a note and I’ll explain again):

now match the edges and pin in place:

sew all the way round, leaving a gap (hand size) to turn your bag later (I really insisted on the handles area just to make sure):

don’t forget to leave a gap:

now you can turn your bag through the gap you left. It will look a mess but trust me it will work in the end!

it should look like that:

Now all you need to do is insert the lining inside the bag press all the way round on edges and top stitch to sew in place:


I added some sew on poppers on the top edges on each side of the bag:

Et voila! A huge beach bag to enjoy this summer!

now for the challenge; will it take all the stuff I usually bring with me?

It fits! and there’s more room let’s say for a bottle of wine! (I’m French don’t forget!)

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