sports bag tutorial

My little one is starting PE  after half term and as I made a messenger bag for my eldest to put his PE kit in, I though it was only fair to make one for his brother. I wanted to make an old fashion Duffel bag as I used to have one when I was little. Don’t you love the 80’s!!

for this project you will need about a meter of fabric, some interfacing, a 14″ zip and  the usual sewing kit:

Start by cutting one rectangle measuring 16″X23″:

Then cut two stripes measuring 4″X26″ and two circles measuring 7″ radius (about)

Iron some interfacing on the big rectangle and the circles:

fold your long strips length way and sew all the way down:

turn them right side out and double hem at both ends:

then top stitch all the way round:

put them aside and grab your rectangle, pin the right side of the zip on the right side of the fabric:

sew all the way, turn the zip and top stitch:

do the same for the other side of zip, it’s a bit trickier but pull the fabric when you sew.

you should end up with something looking like that:

now turn your bag inside out and you need to pin the circles at both end right side of fabric facing:

 sew all the way round :

turn it right side out and it should look like that:

now sew your handles. decide where you want them pin them and hold your bag to see if you’re happy. Then sew them in a crossed box to hold them tight.

I found that I pinned them too close to the zip, and the next one I will be doing I will sew them probably one third from zip.

Et voila! your bag is finished! My son was very happy it!


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