back at last!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!! I have been away for too long and I’m glad to be back. I have loads of projects in mind and cannot wait to share them with you.

I always have several projects on the go, probably because I have thousands of ideas coming and going and I feel I have to do it right now; I’m just so excited!

The problem with this is that sometimes some projects don’t see the light of day and are left for a long period of time in my craft cupboard (I know, no craft room, but have you seen the size of houses here? I’m happy I’ve got my own cupboard!!). That is until today: TA-DA!!

I’ve finished a couple of runner tables that I actually started last year!!! I can now get on with the rest of my unfinished projects.

I still have unfinished project but hey! That’s just who I am!

Do you have unfinished project that are piling up?

1 thought on “back at last!

  1. Super joli!!! j’adore!!! Encore une fois tu travailles vraiment bien!!!
    En france en ce moment ils font la pub pour un livret auquel tu t’abonne pour faire du “patchwork” le 1 facicule avec une bobine de laine et des aiguilles, ce qu’ils proposent est tellement ringard et vieillot quand je vois ce que peut donner un joli quilt fait par toi!!!!
    XOXO Love XOXO.

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