My favorite shop

I absolutely love fabrics; if I could I would buy them all. Unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery so I just have to content myself with going to my favourite fabric shop and have a good rummage through all the amazing fabrics!!

It is a little shop based in Brighton called Quilty Pleasures (I know what a cool name!). It is run by a lovely young lady who’s ever so patient with me (especially when I turn up with my two boys… ouch!!!), she’s very helpful whether it’s to help you choose fabrics or to explain how to create your projects. Her shop has got the latest modern fabrics and anything you need to make a quilt from beginning to end. Going into her shop made me really fall in love with patchwork and quilting, I just thought I needed them all and I needed to create something quick!!!

I went last Friday and bought a few fat quarters for my quilting friend who is having a birthday coming soon, I hope she will like them:


Here is a close up of my favorite one:

Each time I go, I stay at least 30 minutes if not more, I find it hard to leave and when I do I’m always thinking “I’m so coming back for more!”

So there you go that was my little “I heart Quilty Pleasures!”

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